• Internship at Techsapiunt was more about 'Doing' than, just learning. We started up with Design and Development of the official website of Techsapiunt Solutions. Initially we did not really have much idea about web designing,but later we learnt ...did a detailed research on every aspect and implemented the same. During the internship we gained immense technical knowledge, experience as well as exposure to the corporate field too !! Application of your skills, combined with Team work would make wonders only if guided by a proper authority. Techsapiunt Solutions provided us with that "Necessary" guidance.  
  • "Learning is NOT a task to be completed but a process to be continued". This indeed is true for me in Techsapiunt, which is equipping me with additional skills and technologies. Being in a self-paced learning mode here, inculcates the habit of self-learning & exploration. Monitoring the progress in every work, the group discussions & interactions adds to the appraisals. When put together, in simple, working here is "FUNTASTIC".
  • Pursuing an internship at Techsapiunt Solution was the one of the best thing I did in my Engineering life. Our task was to design an Official site for the company which we took it light. When we started to develop the site we faced many riddles. Providing security was always a challenge. We have explored on many concepts of security and read many coding principles, used many tools, mocked many scenarios and finally came up with a site which was giving good result for all our hard works. I should heartily thank Techsapiunt Solutions, which gave us a good platform to learn, explore and evaluate our self with growing corporate environment. I wish all the success for Techsapiunt and wish Techsapiunt could bloom many flowers in the field they are in to.
  • Personally techsapiunt for me is the place to learn. Even though it is a course about Forensics and Security, I learnt smaller details right from the basic facts about the computer to an expert level of handling of the computer, which is the most important. Without which we cannot be a “Computer Geek". I have learnt many things especially to work comfortably on the Linux platform. Company is far for me to travel but curiosity to learn makes me forget the distance.