About Us

Our company

Techsapiunt the name says it all. Tech means Technology. Sapiunt Means Mind together people call us Techsapiunt. We are the brain behind Data Security technology.
Techsapiunt is also called TS. This company was conceptualized in the year 2010. We as a team have a vision for a better future. TS was just a plan until the 3 IT Entrepreneurs met.
These Entrepreneurs are enthusiasts and experts from various domains sweating in colossal and reputed corporate. Techsapiunt is an IT security company. We aim at providing pragmatic services to a wide range of clients, ranging from any Corporate & elite Individuals who want their hard work data to be safe and protected. We at TS make sure we are here only for you & your data safety. Your data safety is our only aim and we are masters in it. Our expert team will make sure your data is safe from any hacker.
We take up audacious projects. Our ambit of services include Penetration testing, Cyber fraud investigations, and Training in fields of DATA security, These days data is the most important part of any corporate or individual. TS also help in making our clients and customer understand how hacking is done and how we can help you in safeguarding your data. These type of training is a part our services which will make people aware of data security and to make you work or learning easy. We have come up with training videos which help people sitting in different countries who will learn how data can be protected. We also provide Workshops, Internships, and a complete environment of academia for students.
Our personnel are well experienced and hold a great source of knowledge. We show great conscientiousness in delivering the maximum to our clients.


We believe in excellence, Perfection. We chase perfection to catch excellence. Our mission is to give value to the process and make sure we exceed expectations.


Vision for a secured future. Making sure that our people and corporate know that their data is safe and secured. TS will make sure that a strong footprint in replacing the ignorance with the knowledge, and providing the simple, but effective and powerful solutions.