Are you currently unemployed?

Do you think you lack the essential knowledge and skills? 

Tired of searching an IT – JOB?

Willing to acquire the knowledge and skills which will make you eligible for IT-JOB?

Don’t know where to start from? Then read on…

We have diversified our services in to educating the future generation who can be the security professionals of the Internet.

At Techsapiunt Solutions, we provide internships by training the individuals in the filed of INFORMATION SECURITY. If you would like to step into a recession proof career then you are at the right place.

We have divided information security in to two streams.


If you want to catch a criminal, then think like a criminal. Since dual nature of technology exists, technology for good and technology for bad, it is necessary to identify that thin line that separates the two. Learn the latest hacks and cracks, and use the same in an ethical manner to improve the overall security for individuals, corporate and nations world wide.

We train you on the existing vulnerabilities and exploits and also guide you to protect the integrity of the valuable information assets and to secure ones network.

Techsapiunt offers two modules in Ethical Hacking stream

1. CERT Ethical Hacker®

2. CERT Penetration Tester®


Today cyber crimes are proliferating and has already gained international recognition. Either it may be a domestic breach, deletion of a file containing sensitive information (accidentally or by a malicious activity), Identity theft etc or even global money laundering, it takes an expert to effectively address, mitigate and neutralize such crimes.

We train you on various systematic cyber forensics procedures. With our unique teaching strategy with real time cases that we solved, you can gain maximum exposure to solve a cyber crime on your own.

Techsapiunt offers two modules in Cyber foreniscs stream

1. Forensics Investigation Security Associate®

2. Forensics Investigation Security Expert®

NOTE: To get in to Cyber forensics stream you should have knowledge on Ethical Hacking and an idea how hacking can take place.

You can choose any of the streams based on your interest, CONFUSED!!! which one to choose, Don’t worry you can get in touch with us by writing to our counselor “” or call to the below number mentioned.