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National Security Agency (NSA), an independent agency within the U.S. Dept. of Defense. Founded by presidential order in 1952, its primary functions are to collect and analyze communications intelligence information and data and to protect the security of U.S. national security systems and information.

So how NSA is consistently trying to protect the Security of U.S?

NSA has got to an extent almost everything in the digital world can be controlled by them by implementing/running the deadliest programs ever.

Its time to know:

The NSA collects every American’s phone record

 The Patriot Act allows the NSA to obtain business records that are relevant to terrorist investigations. The government claims that this gives it the power to obtain records — phone number dialed, time and duration of call — about every domestic phone call in the United States.

PRISM program lets the NSA access private user data on leading online services

NSA PRISM programs collects the information about the messages, business and personal mails, chats information, video calls and the websites you stream from the top 9 companies Microsoft, Yahoo, GOOGLE, Facebook, PalTalk, YOUTIBE, SKYPE, AOL and APPLE.

NSA intercepts data flowing between Google and Yahoo data centers

When you log into GMail, you’ll see a “lock” icon indicating that communications between your computer and Google’s server is protected by encryption. But until recently, Google didn’t employ encryption when it moved data between its own servers. The NSA tapped into these connections and harvested large quantities of user data. Yahoo was also targeted.

The NSA cracked a popular standard for encrypting cell phone communications

Most cell phone communications are encrypted to protect the privacy of users. But in 2013, NSA cracked one of the most popular encryption standards, called A5, allowing them to intercept the contents of cell phone communications.

NSA program allows to record every phone call in a certain, unspecified, country and store it for 30 days

In 2014 the Washington Post has reported that an NSA program allows the agency to record every phone call in an unspecified country, and store them for 30 days for later analysis.

With all these deadly surveillance programs, every citizen of the world must think about the privacy of our activities.

What if the information collected by these “BIG GUYS” misuse or controls our lives with the information that they collect…

So you might wonder how these BIG GUYS can control our lives from the activities that we do  on the Internet.

Will be continued in next blog…


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